1.My commencement in graphic design

Hello to all the people use their valuble time to read this article . I wrote this post to tell you about how i started in graphic design and what has inspired me to  what im doing now , I will also give a few tips to some of the beginners that may be reading this .  

Since primary school still when i lived in Poland  i never knew who i wanted to become in the future. To be honest i never thought about it  , I was hanging out with friends to play football,basketball and run long distances along with giving trouble to neighbors and hurting others which i regret . I have never been a kid that liked to listen in school . I had my own world  but i wasn’t a loner . In 2011 i have moved to Ireland with my parents , The first 2 years were tough as i missed all my colleagues from Poland, This also lead to difficulties with meeting new people since i had the barrier of not knowing the language and i couldn’t stand for myself . As years went i moved on to secondary school i have made a few friends that i know until this day . A year before the ending of secondary school I became interested in personal training in the gym  . I completed my exams with a successful ending . I managed to get into college , I enjoyed it but the same time i felt like i wasn’t supposed to be there . Maybe it was because of my confidence or lack of motivation .But on the other side  i don’t regret my decision . Better earlier than later .

I work in a coffee shop for the last 2 years . I was lured in by the latte art that i have seen people do in different coffee shops and the athmosphere also . So i decided to to do a course to learn about this and become a barista myself . I liked doing it until i was quiet fed up . I started feeling limited to the artistic designs i could create, the money i could make , and the amount of people complaining i could take , So this way i started to look for something new , I have been reading and watching youtube videos to expand my knowledge , and one day i have visited a man who inspired me to become myself and start doing what i like . His name is Roberto Blake , he is a professional graphic designer . He gave me a clear vision of what graphic design is which i fell in love with .The advantage of this is that  it didn’t require college  cause i can work as a freelancer .

I was expanding my knowledge every day and The first lesson i have learned is that the time spent does not  equal the increase in creativity . In other words , The more time i spend on thinking it does not make a better idea .  The more time that i usually spend on thinking the more ideas i get , It is marvelous to get creative  But  over thinking can lead to number of generated ideas may lead to losing the sight that was supposed to be created at the beginning.  I spent a lot of time thinking and looking at the screen which didn’t bring me any goods that satisfied me . So i in order to change that i created a plan. When i was in school i barely paid attention but i always heard the teacher to time myself when doing work from school since we will have to fight with time during exams.

  1. First steps for making my work more consistent was timing. I decided to hold a brief meeting with a friend (if there was any of my designer friends online) or myself  for around 10 minutes this is my time to go through my requirements and what the customer wants and that i understand the topic . If working alone it is always good to ask a collegue or a family member for opinions (This helps a lot with your view).
  2. Invest an hour in coming up with ideas , strictly with a pen and paper since thats the quickest way to put down the ideas that wonder around your head . Stick to the 1 hour rule , Just basic creativity nothing special just main ideas that come to your head . More ideas-more potential. (REMEMBER – THERE IS NO BAD IDEAS) . Try to make at least 10 ideas to have more to choose from .
  3. After that choose up to 3 ideas and begin to working on them for around 3 Hours. After finishing bes way to check your work is to print it out or show it through a screenshot to a few people and ask to choose their favourite idea.
  4. After that review the best choice and really pay attention if it adds up and that you are happy with it .
  5. Start up the computer and begin to work . !

This was my introductions about myself and the first steps that i learned after working on some projects for myself and customers. I hoped you all liked it .



logo ds mockup

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